At Nice Time Productions we specialize in the production of short and feature length documentary films.

We also produce television advertising and promotional music videos for select clients.

Our other activities include music production, artist management, Music publishing and sports management.

Our list of projects and clients include:

  • “Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast”, 2008 feature length documentary film

  • “Hit Me With Music”, 2011 feature length documentary film

  • “Songs of Redemption”, 2013 feature length documentary film

  • 30-second TV commercial for Vodafone Spain

  • “World Bank / Jamaica Social Investment Fund”, short documentary

  • Music Soundtrack album for Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast

  • Music Soundtrack album for Songs of Redemption

  • Album for recording artist Irie Souljah

  • ” Padling Sprits”, 2014  feature Length documentary film

  •  “Tell the Children The truth” 2015 feature length documentary film

  • “Living in Water House”, 2016 Short Movie- PMI